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What Is Security Expert Service?

Security Expert Service (SES) is an all-round security service provided jointly by Huawei and third-party information security assessment agencies. It helps you prevent, monitor, and discover security risks of hosts, sites, and systems, and timely repair the attacked system to reduce your loss based on given solutions and authoritative reports. In addition, SES provides graded protection of information security.

SES provides three editions: Standard, Enterprise, and Compliance.

SES is valid for one year from the day of purchase. You need to buy SES again if you want to use SES beyond the validity period.

Standard Edition

Standard Edition provides five service categories: website security assessment, host security assessment, security hardening, security monitoring, and emergency response. Table 1 lists the function of each service category. Table 2 lists the service categories recommended in typical application scenarios.

Table 1 Standard edition description

Service Category



Website security assessment

Detects potential vulnerabilities, such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), file upload, download, and inclusion, sensitive information leakage, and weak passwords.

Provides website security assessment reports.

Host security assessment

  • Identifies security threats to hosts based on vulnerability scan results and log analysis.
  • Discovers risks such as incorrect configurations, non-compliant items, and weak passwords using baseline inspection.

Provides host security assessment reports.

Security hardening

  • Performs vulnerability scans on servers and middleware, and hardens baseline configurations.
  • Analyzes security threats exposed to OSs and applications, and versions of OS patches and application system components.
  • Provides recommended fixes, fixes vulnerabilities, and installs patches to harden components with your permission.

Provides security hardening reports.

Security monitoring

  • Provides 24x7 security monitoring services and sends alarms to users by SMS or email once an event is triggered.
  • Checks packets transmitted over HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Monitors websites from six angles: webshells, tampering, broken links, open services, availability, and vulnerability.
  • Supports web vulnerability scanning and real-time monitoring of domain name hijacking.
  • Periodically pushes website security assessment reports.
  • Provides real-time warning for security issues.
  • Provides quarterly reports and an annual report and reports alarms valid in one year once a risk is detected.

Emergency response

  • Remotely detects and handles malicious programs such as viruses, Trojan horses, and worms.
  • Remotely detects and handles suspicious files in web systems, such as webshells, hijacking tools, and hidden links.
  • Provides recommendations for quick resumption of services.

Provides emergency response reports.

Table 2 Recommended service categories

Application Scenario

Recommended Service Category

New services go online and are vulnerable to attacks from the Internet, such as ransomware, Trojan horse, and CC attack.

Website Security Assessment and Security Hardening

  • Performs a comprehensive health assessment on your sites.
  • Hardens the hosts.
  • Hackers implant malicious codes to launch webshell attacks.
  • Your website cannot be accessed and you cannot locate the cause.

Security Monitoring and Security Hardening

  • Performs security monitoring 24x7/365.
  • Hardens the website.
  • In response to security incidents, the major method is to reinstall the system.
  • Attackers still repeatedly intrude after the system is reinstalled.
  • The existing vulnerabilities of servers cannot be detected.

Emergency Response, Host Security Assessment, and Security Hardening

  • Identifies the cause and rectifies the fault as recommended to prevent any loss.
  • Performs an assessment on your hosts to check for any issue.
  • Hardens the hosts.

Your server's CPU resources have been used up.

Host Security Assessment

Performs an assessment on your hosts to check for any issue.

Enterprise Edition

Huawei security expert team provides a package of security services, including security consulting, security assessment, security hardening, security inspection, emergency response, and hosting. Table 3 lists the service scope and application scenarios.

Table 3 Enterprise edition description

Service Scope

Application Scenario


  • Security consulting: Provides a cloud security system that best fits your cloud services. Security experts offer online support (such as eSpace, QQ, and WeChat) on business days.
  • Security assessment: Assesses the system security of your servers.
  • Security hardening: Performs comprehensive baseline hardening for servers and guide you to carry out web application hardening.
  • Security inspection: Performs regular inspection on your servers.
  • Emergency response: Quickly handles hacker attacks to help you resume services.
  • Hosting: Analyzes the protection effect of security products, and optimizes configurations of these products based on the analysis result.
  • Enterprise services are exposed to various attacks.
  • Lack of skilled security operations personnel
  • Want to have 24x7 security monitoring without establishing a Security Operations Center (SOC).
  • The uncertainty of the security solution leads to cost increase. Outsourcing can significantly lower the expenditure on security operations.
  • The in-house security team cannot quickly response to emerging threats along with rapid service development.

Provides professional SES reports.

Compliance Edition

In compliance with governmental security requirements, Huawei security expert team develops corrective measures for your system, helps select and deploy security services that best fit your system, optimizes the network, hosts, databases, and security management regulations, and selects qualified and authoritative evaluation agencies to provide you with professional evaluations.

The basic version and advanced version are available. Table 4 describes the service content and application scenarios.
Table 4 Compliance edition description


Service Scope

Application Scenario


  • HUAWEI CLOUD security experts provide remote support.
  • Provides recommendations on rectification.
  • The system to be evaluated has a maximum of 10 servers.
  • Evaluation from accredited evaluation agencies

This version applies to government agencies and financial institutions in the following scenarios:

  • Accepted evaluation before.
  • Skilled security personnel present
  • Know how to achieve MLPS certification.
  • Common portal website


  • HUAWEI CLOUD security experts provide on-site support.
  • Assists in system rating and registration, gap analysis, planning and design, rectification, evaluation, and security assurance.
  • Evaluation from accredited evaluation agencies

This version applies to government agencies and financial institutions in the following scenarios:

  • Accept evaluation for the first time.
  • Lack of skilled security personnel
  • Does not know how to achieve MLPS certification.
  • Important information systems
  • Want to improve the overall security of an information system.