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What Is ImageSearch?

ImageSearch leverages deep learning and image recognition technologies to deliver service- and industry-specific feature vectorization and search capabilities to help your search of exact/fuzzy match images from the specified gallery.

ImageSearch is provided through open application programming interfaces (APIs). You can obtain an image search result by accessing and calling an API in real time.

Currently, ImageSearch supports merchandise image search and copyrighted image search.

Merchandise Image Search

ImageSearch provides users with pairing and bundling recommendations. You can search for an image from hundreds of millions of images in seconds and update data in real time. ImageSearch simplifies merchandise search because detailed merchandise description is no long required, helping increase sales while improving UX.
Figure 1 Merchandise image search

Copyrighted Image Search

Copyrighted images are important assets of photography and design websites. ImageSearch can quickly locate infringed images in galleries. This helps website galleries defend against their rights and interests.
Figure 2 Copyrighted image search