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What Is Intelligent EdgeFabric?

Cloud computing capabilities are centralized, which are far from devices such as cameras and sensors. It will cause long network latency, network congestion, and service quality deterioration in scenarios where high real-time computing performance is required. Furthermore, the computing capabilities of devices are insufficient and far behind those in the cloud. This is where edge computing comes in. By deploying edge nodes near devices, the computing capabilities in the cloud are extended to the edge nodes.

Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF) provides you a complete edge computing solution, in which cloud applications are extended to the edge. By leveraging edge-cloud synergy, you can manage edge nodes and applications remotely and process data nearby. In addition, you can perform O&M in the cloud, including device monitoring, application monitoring, and log collection.

As shown in Figure 1, IEF extends cloud capabilities such as AI applications and functions to edge nodes, which are close to devices. In this way, the edge nodes have the same capabilities as the cloud and can process device computing requirements in real time.

Figure 1 Edge cloud computing