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What Is Huawei HiLens?

Huawei HiLens is a multimodal AI development platform that enables device-cloud synergy. It provides an easy-to-use framework, out-of-the-box environment, cloud-based management console, and AI skill market. With Huawei HiLens, you can easily develop and deploy visual and auditory AI applications online, and manage a multitude of connected computing devices.

Product Features

  • Inference with device-cloud synergy, achieving low computing latency and high precision
  • Data analyzed at the device side, reducing the cloud-based storage cost
  • One-stop skill development, shortening the development period
  • Extensive skills featuring online training and one-click deployment in the skill market

Working Process

Figure 1 shows the working process of HiLens.

  1. Import AI models to the cloud-based HiLens console. Developers can directly import models trained on ModelArts or use models developed offline.
  2. Develop and release skills. Developers can develop skills on the HiLens console and release them to the skill market.
  3. Purchase and install the skills. Users can directly select skills from the skill market and push them to devices to equip the devices with AI capabilities. Manufacturers can connect skill outputs to the service systems and upload device-side video data to the cloud platform for data management.
Figure 1 Huawei HiLens working process