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Solution Advantages

Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery and Backup Solution provides customers with multi-cloud and cross-cloud disaster recovery and backup capabilities to support the comprehensive policies of enterprise service deployment, data protection, and data management. It implements multi-cloud backup and on-cloud disaster recovery to enhance the enterprise business continuity and ensure the security and reliability of key data.

  • Lower investment

    This solution reduces customer's investments in many aspects including infrastructures, property, energy, and manual O&M.

    Specifically, customers do not need to build their own DR equipment rooms, purchase physical devices or dedicated software, or assign specified maintenance and test personnel, but focus on enterprise business development.

  • Full scenario coverage

    Based on 10+ years' DR experience for key services of governments and enterprises, Huawei has formed a comprehensive standard DR solution, and developed many cooperation partners, meeting DR requirements in various scenarios.

  • Broad compatibility

    The solution supports mainstream service architecture, including common OSs, mainstream virtualization platforms, and common databases.

  • Secure dedicated services

    The solution fully considers the system and data security compliance while meeting customers' on-cloud DR requirements. DeC is provided to ensure the customers' DR systems meet the security compliance requirements, such as multi-level management and physical isolation.

  • Rapid drill

    You can easily perform a DR drill at any time. One drill takes only a few hours.