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Application Scenarios

Migrating On-Premises Databases to Clouds

With DRS, you can migrate on-premises databases to clouds easily and quickly.

DRS keeps databases operational during the migration, minimizing downtime and reducing impacts on services.

Migrating Databases Between Different Cloud Platforms

DRS supports data migration online from external cloud databases to the current cloud databases. You do not need to manually import or export data. This helps you quickly migrate business and databases with minimal downtime.

Migrating Databases in VPCs

With DRS, you can migrate self-built databases on Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) to the current cloud databases.

In addition, DRS supports migrations between the current cloud databases, including from RDS to RDS databases, and from DDS to DDS databases.

Migrating Databases Out of the Cloud

After data is migrated to the cloud, data rollback may be required. In this case, you can use DRS to migrate data out of the cloud.