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What Is DLI?

Data Lake Insight (DLI) is a Serverless big data compute and analysis service that is fully compatible with Apache Spark and Apache Flink ecosystems and supports batch streaming. With multi-model engines, enterprises can use SQL statements or programs to easily complete batch processing, stream processing, in-memory computing, and machine learning of heterogeneous data sources.


You can query and analyze heterogeneous data sources such as CloudTable, RDS, and DWS on the cloud using multiple access methods, such as visualized interface, Restful API, JDBC, ODBC, and Beeline. The data format is compatible with five mainstream data formats: CSV, JSON, Parquet, Carbon, and ORC.

Accessing DLI

The public cloud provides a web-based service management platform that allows you to access DLI both through the console and HTTPS-based APIs. In addition, the DLI server can be connected through JDBC or ODBC.

  • Using APIs

    If you need to integrate DLI on the public cloud into a third-party system for secondary development, use APIs to access the service. For details, see Data Lake Insight API Reference.

  • Access through the management console

    To submit SQL jobs or Spark jobs, use the management console to access DLI. If you have registered with the public cloud, log in to the management console and choose Service List > EI Enterprise Intelligence > Data Lake Insight.

  • JDBC or ODBC

    DLI can use JDBC or ODBC to connect to the server for data query. For details, see the Data Lake Insight Developer Guide.