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What Is Direct Connect?

Direct Connect establishes a dedicated network connection between on-premises data centers and the VPC on the cloud. With Direct Connect, you can easily build a secure and reliable hybrid cloud.

Application Scenarios

You need a dedicated network connection between your data center and one or more Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), featuring high-performance, low-latency, and robust security. Figure 1 shows how Direct Connect connects your data center to a VPC.

Figure 1 How Direct Connect works


There are three key components for you to Direct Connect: connection, virtual gateway, and virtual interface.

  • Connection

    A connection is dedicated network connection between your environment and a HUAWEI CLOUD Direct Connect location over a leased line you purchased from a carrier. You can create a standard connection by yourself or request a hosted connection from a partner. After having been certified as a partner, you can also create an operations connection.

    A standard or operations connection provides a port that is exclusive to you and allows you to create multiple virtual interfaces.

    A hosted connection allows multiple users to share one port. Partners provision hosted connections and specify VLANs for those connections. Each user can create only one virtual interface for a hosted connection. If a partner has created an operation connection, you can request a hosted connection from the partner, who allocates the VLAN and bandwidth to your hosted connection.

  • Virtual gateway

    A virtual gateway is a logical gateway for accessing a VPC. A virtual gateway can be associated with only one VPC. If you have multiple connections, you can use one virtual gateway for accessing the same VPC.

  • Virtual interface

    A virtual interface is an entrance for you to access VPCs through a leased line. A virtual interface associates your connection with a virtual gateway, which connects to a VPC so that your network can access the cloud.


  • High security

    You can use Direct Connect to connect to VPCs in the private cloud. In Direct Connect, a dedicated channel is used for communication, and the channel is isolated from other networks. The security is very high.

  • Low latency

    A dedicated network is used for data transmission, which brings about high network performance, low latency, and excellent user experience.

  • High bandwidth

    A connection supports a maximum of 10 Gbit/s bandwidth, meeting various bandwidth requirements.

  • Seamless resource expansion

    You can use Direct Connect to connect a local user data center to the resources in the cloud, which enables you to deploy a hybrid cloud in a flexible and scalable manner.