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What Is Data Admin Service?

Data Admin Service (DAS) a one-stop cloud database management platform that allows you to manage databases on a web-based console. It offers database development, O&M, and intelligent diagnosis, facilitating your cloud database usage and maintenance.

DAS provides different functions for different users. It mainly consists of three modules:

  • Console

    Cloud DBA and O&M functions

    The console offers a wide range of functions, covering instance performance data, slow SQL query, SQL explorer, real-time performance analysis and diagnosis, as well as analysis of historical operations, helping you quickly locate any issue occurring during database operations and prevent potential risks.

  • Standard Edition

    Customized for developers

    The Standard Edition provides a best-in-class experience. You no longer need to install clients locally for a visualized operation experience. Diverse database development functions are available, including data and table structure synchronization, online editing, and intelligent prompts for SQL input.

  • Enterprise Edition

    Coming soon

    The Enterprise Edition provides a database DevOps platform that supports data protection, change review, operation audit, and R&D self-service. It helps enterprises implement standardized, efficient, and secure management with large-scale databases.