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What Is CSG?

Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG) is a hybrid cloud storage service. Applications in your local data center can access CSG through the standard Network File System (NFS) protocol and connect to HUAWEI CLOUD, implementing unified management of on-premises and in-cloud data.

With CSG, you only need to deploy a gateway and cache data on premises. Then the cached data will be periodically uploaded to HUAWEI CLOUD Object Storage Service (OBS) through NFS. The uploaded data can be transitioned to the Infrequence Access or Archive storage class by configuring OBS lifecycle rules, which reduces storage costs. In addition, you can reversely synchronize objects stored in OBS to the local PC using the NFS client through the NFS protocol interface. CSG enables seamless migration of data to and off the cloud, simplifying local storage infrastructure and addressing the problem of local data redundancy.

Figure 1 CSG architecture