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Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS) offers the backup protection service for Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) and Bare Metal Servers (BMSs) (ECSs and BMSs are referred to as servers in the following content). It works based on the consistency snapshot technology for disks. With CSBS, you can use backup data to restore server data.

CSBS enhances data integrity and service continuity. For example, if a server is faulty or a misoperation causes data loss, you can use data backups to restore data quickly.

By default, CSBS executes a full backup for a server that has not been backed up using CSBS, and performs incremental backups subsequently. Both full backup and incremental backup can restore a server to the state at the backup point in time.

CSBS works with OBS to back up server data to object storage, enhancing backup data security.

CSBS automatically creates snapshots during backup and retains the latest snapshots for each disk. If a disk has been backed up, the snapshot created last time will be automatically deleted after a new backup job is executed successfully. Only the newest snapshot is retained. When you create a backup for a disk in a dedicated storage pool, the snapshot is automatically created. The snapshot occupies the space of the dedicated storage pool. Pay attention to the space allocation.

Figure 1 shows the CSBS product architecture.

Figure 1 CSBS product architecture

Main Functions

CSBS provides the following functions:

  • Disk-based backup
  • Policy-driven data backup
  • Data backup management
  • Image creation using backups
  • Cross-region replication of backups