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What Is CBH?

CBH is an O&M security management and audit service that integrates unified asset management, single sign-on (SSO), multiple terminal access protocols, and file transmission functions. It also provides professional online O&M expert consulting. CBH servers as a system and competent that provides 4A security management and control for Windows and Linux cloud hosts managed in CBH. A CBH system includes several functional modules such as user management, resource management, policy configuration, audit, and service ticket processing.

CBH offers CBH instances and O&M expert service.

  • The O&M expert service offers real-time O&M consultation service provided by Huawei based on years of O&M experience.
  • Each CBH instance connects to an independent CBH system. The CBH system works as a unified O&M management platform, providing core system O&M and security audit management functions that comply with security compliance requirements.
    • One-stop management: O&M personnel can manage multiple assets upon one login.
    • Audit with ease: All operations are logged in real time.
    • Legal compliance: CBH complies with security compliance requirements, such as China's Cybersecurity Law and more.

How Can I Use CBH?

If you have registered with HUAWEI CLOUD, log in to the management console directly. On the home page, choose Cloud Bastion Host under Security to access the CBH console and purchase CBH instances or O&M expert services. After purchasing a CBH instance, you can access the CBH system through the CBH console.

  • Log in to the CBH management console and configure security audit for CBH instances to monitor system security.
  • You can use the username and password of your CBH instance to log in to a CBH system and configure resources to implement real-time, remote, and efficient O&M.