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HUAWEI CLOUD Blockchain Service (BCS) offers a highly available and secure blockchain platform with superb performance to enterprises and developers. It helps them efficiently create, deploy, and manage blockchain applications and business smart contracts on HUAWEI CLOUD at a low cost.

Design Principles

  • Easy to use

    BCS facilitates the deployment of blockchain systems. Deployment of a distributed enterprise-grade blockchain system using open source components requires in-depth knowledge of the blockchain technology and complex design and configuration, which are error-prone. BCS, however, enables automatic configuration and deployment of blockchain applications and blockchain management throughout its entire lifecycle. In this way, blockchain systems become easy to use, and you can focus on innovations and development of upper-layer applications.

  • Mature and advanced

    HUAWEI CLOUD uses open source components of Hyperledger, Kubernetes, and Docker to build the BCS. Aiming to provide mature and advanced blockchain systems, HUAWEI CLOUD makes continuous and substantial contributions to multiple open source communities.

  • Secure and reliable

    Focusing on innovations based on the open source, HUAWEI CLOUD BCS has developed technological capabilities and holds proprietary patents in key fields such as consensus algorithms, homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proofs, carrier-grade cloud security, high-speed network connectivity, and massive storage. HUAWEI CLOUD offers an extensive user base as well as the capabilities of key and permission management, isolation assurance, reliable network security, and operations security for BCS.

  • Blockchains on the cloud

    Blockchain is beneficial only when being applied to enterprise applications in specific industry scenarios. HUAWEI CLOUD provides unlimited scalable resources required by blockchain applications, various cloud computing products, and customized industry solutions. The combination of BCS and HUAWEI CLOUD will bring more convenience, values, and business possibilities to enterprises.

  • Open and collaborative

    HUAWEI CLOUD BCS concentrates its efforts on development of underlying blockchain technologies and platform service capabilities. It collaborates with partners in various industries to jointly develop trusted industry blockchain solutions and build a blockchain ecosystem, promoting implementation of blockchain application scenarios and helping customers achieve business success.

Product Positioning

HUAWEI CLOUD BCS is dedicated to stimulating innovations and growth of enterprises. It allows one-stop planning, procurement, configuration, development, rollout, and O&M for enterprises and developers. Enterprises, using BCS, can quickly set up a highly secure and reliable enterprise-grade blockchain system with robust performance. In addition, features of cloud services, such as pay-per-use billing mode, auto scaling, and visualized data management, significantly improve the blockchain use efficiency and reduce initial and usage costs of enterprises.

Logical Architecture

BCS uses innovative technologies such as layered architecture, optimized consensus algorithms, containers, microservice architecture, and scalable distributed cloud storage. These technologies resolve outstanding issues of enterprise-grade blockchain usage, for instance, poor system performance, insufficient functions, difficult to scale out, and hard to use.

BCS consists of:

  • Blockchain resource layer

    HUAWEI CLOUD IaaS and PaaS layers provide the blockchain system with unlimited storage, high-speed connectivity, as well as pay-per-use auto scaling and automatic fault recovery capabilities.

  • Blockchain service platform

    The blockchain service platform has strong reliability and scalability and will support excellent blockchain frameworks such as Corda and EEA based on market requirements. It facilitates quick construction of enterprise-grade blockchain systems with high security, high reliable, and robust performance at low costs for upper-layer applications.

  • Contract layer

    The platform provides the Hyperledger-defined standard smart contract interfaces. These interfaces enable users to build smart contracts to meet requirements in various application scenarios. In the future, the HUAWEI CLOUD BCS team will work with partners to build a smart contract library for common scenarios, such as supply chain management and tracing, supply chain finance, digital assets, charity and public benefit, and Internet insurance. Enterprises can use these smart contracts to quickly construct blockchain applications.

  • Service application layer

    The service application layer of BCS offers multiple blockchain solutions, such as those for supply chain finance, game industry, supply chain tracing, and new energy industry. Using this layer and the smart contract layer, end users can quickly build trusted, secure blockchain applications.

  • Blockchain system security

    HUAWEI CLOUD security services guarantee security of nodes, ledgers, smart contracts, and upper-layer applications in blockchain systems. This makes consortium blockchains possible, that offer node controllability and ledger security as their most remarkable features.

  • Software development service

    Users can use the software development service to implement continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) of service applications and smart contracts.

The layered architecture design of HUAWEI CLOUD BCS helps enterprises quickly and easily implement blockchain applications. The following figure shows the architecture.

Figure 1 Logical architecture of HUAWEI CLOUD BCS