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What Is AOM?


With the popularization of container technologies, more and more enterprises develop applications using microservice frameworks. Because the number of cloud services increases, enterprises gradually turn to cloud O&M. However, they face the following O&M challenges:

  • Cloud O&M has high requirements on personnel skills, O&M tools are hard to configure, and multiple systems need to be maintained at the same time. Distributed tracing systems require high learning and usage costs, but have poor stability.
  • Distributed applications face analysis difficulties such as how to visualize the dependency between microservices, improve user experience, associate scattered logs for analysis, and quickly trace problems.

Introduction to AOM

Application Operations Management (AOM) is a one-stop, multi-dimensional O&M platform for cloud applications. It can monitor your applications and related cloud resources in real time, analyze their status, and display their information on dashboards, enabling you to quickly detect alarms and comprehensively learn the status of applications, services, and other resources.

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AOM Advantages

  • Management over massive quantities of logs

    Supports high-performance search and service analysis, automatically associates logs, and quickly filters logs by application, host, file, or instance.

  • Association analysis

    Automatically associates applications and resources, and displays data in a panorama view. Metric and alarm data about applications, services, instances, hosts, and transactions is associated for analysis, so that you can easily locate faults.

  • Open ecosystem

    Opens collection standards and APIs for querying O&M data, and supports independent development.