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Best Practices of ECS Cost Optimization

To optimize Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) costs, you can select appropriate instance types and specifications based on actual scenarios and workloads and select appropriate subscription types based on service duration. The following lists some best practices.

Instance Types

HUAWEI CLOUD provides various types of instances for different application scenarios, such as:

  • General-purpose and memory-intensive instances, which apply to websites, web applications, and medium- and light-load enterprise applications
  • High-performance, disk-intensive, and GPU-optimized instances, which apply to high-performance computing, video coding, and 3D rendering

Best practice:

If you are operating an e-commerce website, select a general-purpose and memory-intensive instance. Compared with a high-performance instance with the same specifications (such as 8 cores+16 GB), it can save 40% to 50% in costs.

Instance Specifications

HUAWEI CLOUD provides dozens of instance specifications for different workloads. Using appropriate specifications can help you reduce costs.

Best practice:

If your website has no more than 500,000 page views (PVs) and 3000 transactions a day, select an instance with 4 cores and 8 GB rather than 8 cores and 16 GB, which can save 40% to 50% in costs.

Subscription Types

HUAWEI CLOUD provides three subscription types: pay per use, monthly package, and yearly package.

Best practices:

  • Select pay per use if the duration is shorter than 20 days. Example scenarios include short-term testing and holiday promotion.
  • Select a monthly package if the duration is longer than 20 days but shorter than 10 months. Example scenarios include online game testing and operations.
  • Select a yearly package if the duration is longer than 10 months. Example scenarios include enterprise website operations and government and civil information inquiry.
Table 1 Subscription type comparison


Less Than 20 Days

20 Days

Between 20 Days and 10 Months

10 Months

Between 10 and 12 Months

Pay Per Use

< ¥376





Monthly Package






Yearly Package






Preferred Mode

Pay per use

Pay per use or monthly package

Monthly package

Monthly or yearly package

Yearly package

Costs Saved

0%-100% (compared with a monthly package)

90%-100% (compared with a yearly package)

90% (compared with a yearly package)

0%-33% (compared with pay per use)

0%-90% (compared with a yearly package)

33% (compared with pay per use)

33%-45% (compared with pay per use)

0%-17% (compared with a monthly package)


The preceding costs are calculated based on a general-purpose ECS instance with 4 cores and 8 GB.