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    • B
      Bin Packing

      Bin Packing is used to estimate packing listing and calculate the optimal placement policy based on the estimation, improving space utilization and packing security.

    • D
      Dispatching Plan

      Dispatching Plan can be used to optimize dispatching routes, improve the vehicle loading rate, reduce the number of travel times and transportation distance, and control the transportation cost.


      • F-J
        Intelligent Logistics Service

        Intelligent Logistics Service (Logistics) is used to optimize logistical processes including custom declaration, packing, transportation, and custom declaring. Currently, Logistics provides Bin Packing, Path Program, Time Anomaly, Dispatching Plan, and Pickup Path Plan.



          • P
            Path Program

            Path Program is used to achieve higher vehicle full load ratio by allocating leased vehicles based on delivery plan, as well as enhance delivery efficiency and reduce extra cost by optimizing the delivery route using transfer warehouse.

            Pickup Path Plan

            Pickup Path Plan can be used to optimize the pickup path in warehouses to improve the pickup efficiency and reduce costs.

          • T
            Time Anomaly

            Time Anomaly is used to intelligently and quickly recognize abnormality in prices for customs declaration by detecting abnormal data from the time series data. Time Anomaly adopts measurement methods, averaging algorithm of sliding window, and speedup of linear algebra library.