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    • L
      Little Skill

      Skills of this type are suitable for running on thin devices (little devices). To run on restricted device-side cameras, they need lightweight optimization on running memory, model size, and inference performance.


      • Skill

        Functions and skills implemented on cameras or on the cloud, such as facial recognition and license plate recognition.

        Skill Market

        Skill market that presets various functions (AI skills), such as facial recognition and intrusion detection, so that users can subscribe to, install, and comment on skills as required, just like an Android market.

        Skill Output

        Result obtained after the video data is processed. For example, the face detection skill outputs face frames. With data management, users can view the video streams uploaded from the installed skills and dumped videos in real time.

        Skill Message Notification

        Email or SMS notification sent to users when the skills on cameras detect sensitive events, such as stranger appearance.

        Skill Template

        Skill templates are shared by other users and used to develop new skills, containing the skill code and all parameter settings. Users can quickly create new skills using a skill template.

        Standard Skill

        Skills suitable for running on the HiLens Kit. Skills of this type have no special requirements on the model size and computing performance, but can achieve high inference performance and precision on the HiLens Kit by using GPUs.


        • T
          Thin Device (Little Device)

          Commercial cameras that integrate Huawei HiSilicon 35XX series chips. Cameras of this type have limited running memory. Therefore, a lightweight optimization algorithm needs to be developed.