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What Are the Games Suitable on Public Clouds?

  1. Board and card games:

    Due to the fund and manpower shortage and short project period, a game development team can rapidly build one or two regions on HUAWEI CLOUD in the initial phase, which only costs few investments each month. As the game quality increases and users increase, cloud resources can be quickly expanded as required to meet service development and guarantee the stable operation of the game.

  2. MMO, MOBA, and FPS games:

    The launch of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and First Person Shooter (FPS) games can always attract numerous players for game experience and open beta test. Therefore, ensure that the game servers have enough resources to cope with explosive service growth, and the quick and stable increase of new service regions. HUAWEI CLOUD provides you with massive online resources, quick expansion capabilities, and stable and reliable services. All those contribute to the efficient operation of game services, reduce game experience issues due to resource shortages, and support rapid game growth and revenue increase.