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    • D
      data connection

      A data connection is a collection of information required for accessing data storage (computing) space, including the connection type, name, and login information.

      Data Lake Factory

      DLF is a cloud service that provides one-stop Big Data development environment and has full-hosting Big Data scheduling capabilities. In the Big Data development environment, users can complete an entire data processing and analysis procedure from data modeling, data integration, script development, workflow orchestration, to O&M monitoring, greatly reducing the threshold for using Big Data.

      data warehouse

      A data warehouse is a collection of data that is topic oriented, integrated, and stable, and can reflect historical changes. It is used for management decision-making. A DIS data warehouse refers to a data warehouse on the Huawei cloud, such as DWS, DLI, and MRS Hive.


      See Data Lake Factory


      • J

        A job is composed of one or more nodes that are performed collaboratively to complete data operations.


        • N

          A node defines the operations performed on data. For example, use a data migration node to import data from OBS to MRS Hive.


          • R

            A resource is a self-defined code or text file that is uploaded by users and scheduled when a node is running.