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  • C

    See Cloud Container Engine

    Cloud Container Engine

    Cloud Container Engine (CCE) is a platform for developers and partners to develop, deploy, and manage containerized applications. With CCE, new containerized applications can be rolled out anytime, anywhere, and in a cost-efficient manner.

    Component Template

    A component template defines a template name, container images, network protocols, ports, memory capacity, CPU cores, environment variables, and volumes. With a component template, you can quickly create a containerized application with the specifications documented in the template.

    Container Cluster

    A container cluster is used for running containerized applications. It is a private cluster and thus inaccessible to other users. This ensures that your containerized applications are securely isolated from containerized applications of other users. Create a container cluster before creating a containerized application.


  • K-O

    One mcore is 1/1000 core. Container CPU capacity is typically measured in mcores because a container application does not require a complete CPU core.