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      See Batch Service

      Batch Service

      Batch Service (Batch) is a distributed cloud service enabling you to run large-scale batch processing jobs. Batch allows you to easily run your applications and provides the functions of resource management, automatic job scheduling, and output of task run logs. It helps simplify operations and reduce the operating expense (OPEX), thereby saving your time.


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        Users can submit jobs to Batch through APIs or the management console. Information about a job includes the job name, information about the pools associated with the job, and job priority. There are two types of jobs: queue job and taskset job. You can dynamically add task groups to or delete task groups from a queue job. A taskset job is a collection of task groups. Users can set dependencies among the task groups in a taskset job.


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          A pool is the running environment of tasks. There are two types of pools: hosting and non-hosting. A hosting pool allows you to specify the scaling scope so that Batch can automatically detect the pool status and perform scale-in or scale-out on the pool. A non-hosting pool requires you to specify the node quantity and Batch can effectively start, manage, and end tasks running on specific nodes.


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            The task is the minimum unit for executing Batch. Tasks dynamically run on ECSs allocated by the system.

            task group

            In Batch, you can specify replicas in a task group to set the number of tasks in the task group. Tasks in a task group have the same parameter settings except for the task name.