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    • A-E

      See Batch Service

      Batch Service

      Batch Service (Batch) lets you to run large-scale batch computing jobs. Using Batch, you can manage your resources, schedule your jobs, and export the task run logs with ease.


      • F-J

        A job includes one or more task groups. Users submit jobs using APIs or via the Batch console. Job details include the job name and information about the pools associated with the job. Users can set dependencies between the task groups in a job.


        • P

          A pool is a set of nodes that are used to run tasks. Users can start, manage, and end tasks running on specific nodes.

        • T

          A task is the minimum unit for executing batch computing jobs. Tasks dynamically run on the servers allocated by the system.

          task group

          A task group is a collection of tasks. You can specify replicas to set the number of tasks in a task group. Other than the task name, all of the tasks in a task group have the same settings.