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Welcome to Cloud Search Service API Reference. Cloud Search Service (CSS) provides hosted, distributed search engine services. It is fully compatible with open-source Elasticsearch and supports multi-condition retrieval, statistics, and reporting of structured and unstructured texts.

This document provides API description, syntax, parameters, examples of CSS. CSS provides APIs related to cluster management, word dictionary management, and snapshot management. By using these APIs, you can easily manage and use clusters, word dictionaries, and snapshots in CSS.



Cluster management APIs

You can use APIs related to cluster management to create clusters, expand cluster capacity, view cluster details, and obtain instance specifications.

Word dictionary management APIs

CSS provides the custom word dictionary function. With APIs related to the word dictionary, you can upload or delete the custom word dictionary and query status of the word dictionary.

Snapshot management APIs

Snapshots can be used to back up and restore data. You can use APIs related to snapshot management to create, restore, or delete a snapshot.

This document describes how to use application programming interfaces (APIs) to perform operations on CSS, such as creating, querying, deleting, restarting, or scaling out a CSS cluster.

If you plan to access CSS through an API, ensure that you are familiar with CSS concepts. For details, see Cloud Search Service Overview.